A place for women to share their journeys with medical cannabis.

Join us and discover the potential of cannabis catered to your health

SheCann is empowering women to take control of their lives and health.

We provide information and encouragement for your individual paths to achieving wellness through knowledge, research and sharing insights. 


Experienced Support

This is a place to connect with like-minded women and get support from other women who have insights about medical and legal cannabis and their health. 


Empowering Through Lived Experience

The SheCann community is a digital network where women can find out about licensed producers, clinics, legal cannabis, and products. 

Please note that we also welcome men who are supportive and respectful of our unique experiences and our community. All prospective group members are carefully vetted to ensure that women feel comfortable, not sold to or seen as anything other than patients. This is an important aspect of our online community. 

Who We Are

Ashleigh Brown created SheCann while going through her own medical cannabis journey more than 3 years ago. Watch her story below: 

Your Health Matters.

This is an environment that will support you through getting your prescription and medicating legally.

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Better Health Care is Our Mission