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About SheCann

SheCann is a group for Canadian Women (and those who identify as Women) who desire a place to share their journeys with medical Cannabis. Our group provides a safe place for women to freely ask questions about how and why we are medicating. This is a place to ask about LP's, clinics, legal cannabis and products. SheCann is empowering women to take control of their lives and health, through providing information and encouragement on our individual paths. An environment that will support you through getting your prescription and medicating legally. We welcome men who are supportive and respectful of our unique experiences and our community. All prospective group members are carefully vetted to ensure that women feel comfortable, not sold to or seen as anything other than patients. If you are looking to advertise, interview or study please forward your request to contactus @ shecanncannabis.com


SheCann est un groupe de femmes (et de celles qui s'identifient comme femmes) canadiennes, qui cherche un lieu pour partager leurs expériences avec le cannabis médical. Notre groupe offre aux femmes un endroit sans jugement, que les membres peuvent poser des questions à propos: des cliniques, des producteurs autorisés de cannabis à des fins médicales, des différent type de produits offert et les différentes méthodes d'administrer votre cannabis. SheCann donne aux femmes la recettes pour prendre en main leur vie et leur santé, en fournissant des informations, des encouragements et en partageant nos expériences individuels.

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